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Monday, 13 June 2011

Henna Happy Helen

More Photos from Wales

This was helarious. Dug a massive hole- mike, my brother is almost standing :')

posing 2k11

Ruby Davisonnnnn!

Some cute ass piks of my pooch at the cottage in Wales :)

7 Days in the sun

The other day me and Ross finally got our clothing label '7 days in the sun' online. Visit! And shop the summer 2011 collection! More designs coming soon. Below is me modeling a rad top of ourssssss. Happy Days

Twiggy painting- ink and water

Recently started my A2 Fashion and Textiles unit 3 module. Picked the 1960's as my theme and here I have painted Twiggy (a major fashion icon of the ear) using ink and water onto card... happy to be doing a theme im actually interested in for once!