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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

songs im loving at the moment...

heres a few songs that are personal fav's at the moment. take a listen...

scouting for girls-famous
after seeing these boys two times now i cant get enough of their new album :) i saw then last weekend at the midlands music festival and they are just brilliant live, really involve the crowd. i will definately be dragging my friends along to see them for a 3rd time at this years v festival!

Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP- We No Speak Americano
this tune is number 1 in the UK at the moment, its catchy and loveable! my friend shay crazily bounces up and down to it whenever it comes on!

diana vickers- the boy who murdered love
i quite frankly love diana vickers! she was brilliant on the x factor the other year and i personally think her conver of blondies- call me was better than the original! her debut single once went straight to number one which i liked due to its catchyness and her querky voice. however her follow up is good in a different way, i find myself singing along to it whenever its on anyway! i have seen diana vickers star in the west end show 'the rise and fall of little voice' where she was amazing and did some brilliant covers to bigg songs! she was also a pretty good actor, is there anything vickers can't do? im seeing her at v festival also in 20+ days! eeeee! the video to this song is also pretty good.

cheryl cole- happy hour
surprisingly i am liking cheryl cole for her music, dont get me wrong i adore the woman! but she can hardly belt out a note! its a shame that she mimed some of her perfomances such as at the brits or radio 1s big weekend. she claims to be a performer and we can give her that title coz her dance to fight for this love was amazing in my opinion. anyway give chez's album a listen, some aliright tunes... ive picked this song inparticular (happy hour) as i like songs with 'clever' lyrics. such as 'how can i drive you crazy, when ive got no gas'

the cribs- mans needs
i love this band, the tracks not that new but its often plaid very loudly on my ipod recently, i love the lead singers voice on the courus! also kate nashes cover of this song is brilliant, you can proberly find it on youtube... anyway im seeing these boys at reading festival this year and i quite frankly cant bloody wait!

two door cinema club - come back home
new band on the scene. oh my god they are brilliant. they were reccomended by my friend beth and she sent them to my phone to have a litte listen and ive never looked back since! i must know like every word to every song on the album? ha. im also seeing them at reading festival :D shame i dont find the lead singer as attractive as my friend beth does, shes his number one fan, for sure! anyway ive got alot of love for this band and hope they continue to get bigger in the future. ive picked this song purely because i own the floral shirt that the girl is wearing in the start of the music video, my friend beth also pointed this out to me!

katy perry- calafornia girls
i love katy perry, shes crazy! i really like her new song featuring snoop dogg, however i think his imput in the song is pathetic ha! all he does is little 'yeahs' and 'whats' untill his solo rap which is alright but still!! i also like this song as on the chris moyles show they made a parody of it using 'wolverhampton girls' as the theme, im not a wolverhampton girl myself but i support the football club and find myself there often, i also know the places mentioned in the song and think its brilliant. ive also seen katy perry live at v festival 2009 where she had some interesting outfits and dived into the crowd!

Eliza Doolittle- Pack Up
also abit of a new kid on the block. i like her. its a great summer tune, i dont have much else to say about it really!

the drums- let's go surfing
oh my bloody god, i am very much in love with this song! makes me wanna go to newquay! theyre a great new band on the rise and this is a great summer track.

Professor Green - Just Be Good To Green (feat. Lily Allen)
ha i like this song! im pretty sure its a re-do of an old track as i found myslef singing alot to lily allens bit the first time i heard it. im also seeing him at v festival this year! yayy my friend shay also strongly believes lily allen is pregnant and she says her baggy clothing in the video for this song is hiding the bump! is she right? well i wouldnt go with it purely on 'shay has a feeling' as she predicted arctic monkeys would be headlining v festial this year, and there not, she is also guessing that the colour of the wristbands for this years festival will be blue, so we will have to see about that!

Example- Kickstarts
ooooooo what a tune! also another summer classic, can't wait to see this song live at v festival! again i like the use of clever lyrics such as 'might be holding you hand, but im holding it loose'

Ellie Goulding- The writer
this girls got herself everywhere lately! i first head of her when she won the critics award at the brit awards! and was like who the hell is she! now im quite a big fan! i love how she plays guitar and contributes to the lyrics of her songs, guns and horses is also a great song, the writer is her new song, the verses arnt that great but i like the chorus :) shes also at V!

kasabien - empire
i will definately be seeing kasabien over the prodigy at v festival! theyre such an amazing band, and deserve headliner status, unlike kings of leon in my opinion! i bought a dress that says kasabien on it today, its mint and i shall be wearing it when im seeing them at v festival :)

The Libertines- music when the lights go out
ahhh i love this band and this song :) it's most definately an indie classic and ive been playing it aswell as their album: Time For Heroes: The Best Of The Libertines.. im looking forward to seeing them ant reading festival as they are headlining the saturday! yesss!

anyway summing up some of my favorite songs right now has made me even more excited for v festival and reading. eeeeeeeeee!

ruby in the field

this is my poochy-pops Ruby :) shes a king charles spaniel. it was her 3rd birthday the other day so i took her on an extra long walk ;) what a brilliant present ey. here are some pictures of her in the field.

shopping for a ring...

i went to the town center with my friend amey today and decided that i wanted to buy a new ring that was over sized and genrally cool :)

above- i really liked this ring however it was much too big and they had no smaller sizes!

above-this ring was from dorothy perkins, i really liked it but opposite to the ring above they only had this is extra small and i didnt really like how it looked on my little finger so i continued to look...

above-this ring was also from dorothy perkins, i really liked it and thought it was unusual and definately oversized! so this is the one i bought :) £8


dreading/looking forward to results day?

i actually don't know the answer to that!
given some exams went well and others were utter disasters. hoping a something will pull me through it though as i managed to get a B in english language that i thought i'd failed as i only wrote a few sentances! those sentances must have been qualatieeeeee!

anyway, im hoping art went well as i put so much time and effort into my prep work and coursework and literally moved into the art department at lunchtimes!

p.e was absolutely awful, i did actually revise, quite abit but when it came to the exam there was so much i'd forgotton.

geography, another fail, seams as our original teacher ditched us for 'a new career path' leaving us with some annoying dog who made us copy from texts books every lesson, she also wore spade earings which must mean something! my dads also a geog teacher so if i have got a bad grade his mates will proberly take the piss! **however kids with teachers as parents dont actually sit down at home revising every night!**

religious education. christianity was suprisingly awful, me beign a christian aswell. half of the grade is christanity and the other islam. i adored learning about muslims! and leading up to the exam in revison lessons i was a complete beast at the subject giving the teacher a run for her money lmao. so i rekon ive done alright in islam but christanily will bring my grade down!

humm what else was there? maths? thank god for the maths watch cd's you really saved my life!

all the other subjects went alright and im looking forward to 24th august to see what i get.
**consumption of a large volume of alcohol is needed that night!**

looking forward to college

im starting college in september, yayyy
ive bin dying to leave sencondary school but returnign there to pick up my leavers hoody made me pretty sad! although i have great memories from there and the school and people i was surrounded by have most definately made me who i am :)
ive finally come to a rough decison of what subjects to study! that will help me achive a future in fashion, art or design.
AS/A2 - 3d art and sculpture
AS/A2 - fashion and textiles
AS/A2 - economics
AS/A2 - IT/english language/media

so yess still undecided on the last choice however im swaying towards i.t as it comes into everything these days!

here are some pictures from my taster week at college :) had a great time actually and met some great people who i can't wait to be around com september...

so im off to portugal tomorrow xD

im very excited and lucky to be jetting off to portugal tomorrow :) we only booked it on monday! but i thought it was great not knowing where you were going, adds to the excitement !

im just packing this morning but im bound to forget something, so instead of being gutted when im out there that ive forgot something important ive checked some lists online of what to take :) and dont some people take some wierd things on holiday!

it's supposed to be our 'last summer holiday as a family' so mom and dad are hopefully going all out with the euro. although my older brother michael is away on a kind of taster week at preston uni where he is goining in september! as much as he annoys me sometimes imma miss him! will be so wierd just not having him there sat round the table having tea, giving me lifts places, getting up late spending ages in the bathroom, hogging the telly and laptop, and genrally stinking out his bedroom!

so two weeks in the summer sun, in a place called Albufeira. guarenteed every day sunshine, i wish we could say that about england!

also my dads friend who lives down the road is suspiciously going to the same place next week! they have so planned it! but never mind would be nice to see them if we do, theyre a lovely family :)

most of all im going to miss my little ruby dogg but shes staying with grandma where she will get spoilt to the bone and walked like mad. last year we came back from holiday and she had taken her to be shaved! she did look tiny again.

the thing i also hate about holidays is when you miss out on lots of things that your friends are doing at home! like my friend ashleas 16th fancy dress party :(

talking of partys ive just planned my 17th b'day party which im very excited for, i have a great idea of a fancy dress outfit too so im just counting down the days :)

anyway i'd better get back to packing!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Summer sun, how i love you!

well its been a lovely weekend in the Midlands but the coming week has started with miserable rain :(
ive attached a photograph of me in my new maxi dress :) Im standing by what im guessing was an old petrol pump of some sort that is now used as decor on a roadside near my house. Anyway i think the pictures pretty cool.
Come back sun so i can wear my dress again!

yay my first ever blog post :)

Im going to use 'blogger' for abit of everything really, so i dont know what to tell you to expect! I might upload images of clothes that i have made, altered or customised aswell as some photography but then again i may not, so lets see where this goes. There will be some interesting things on here i promise, but they will most proberly be amongst a load of other crap... never the less 'WATCH THIS SPACE' :D xxxx