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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

dreading/looking forward to results day?

i actually don't know the answer to that!
given some exams went well and others were utter disasters. hoping a something will pull me through it though as i managed to get a B in english language that i thought i'd failed as i only wrote a few sentances! those sentances must have been qualatieeeeee!

anyway, im hoping art went well as i put so much time and effort into my prep work and coursework and literally moved into the art department at lunchtimes!

p.e was absolutely awful, i did actually revise, quite abit but when it came to the exam there was so much i'd forgotton.

geography, another fail, seams as our original teacher ditched us for 'a new career path' leaving us with some annoying dog who made us copy from texts books every lesson, she also wore spade earings which must mean something! my dads also a geog teacher so if i have got a bad grade his mates will proberly take the piss! **however kids with teachers as parents dont actually sit down at home revising every night!**

religious education. christianity was suprisingly awful, me beign a christian aswell. half of the grade is christanity and the other islam. i adored learning about muslims! and leading up to the exam in revison lessons i was a complete beast at the subject giving the teacher a run for her money lmao. so i rekon ive done alright in islam but christanily will bring my grade down!

humm what else was there? maths? thank god for the maths watch cd's you really saved my life!

all the other subjects went alright and im looking forward to 24th august to see what i get.
**consumption of a large volume of alcohol is needed that night!**


ifashionberry said...

Hey love! Thank you for the comment! Im trying to follow you but I don't see the follow gadget!

Helen said...

i don't know how to get it :(

ifashionberry said...

ohkay! What you do is you go to your upper right hand corner and see how it says design? Click that. Then it takes you to your blog design thing. On it it says add a gadget. You click it and then this lists of gadgets that you can put on your blog come up. The second gadget on the list is followers. You click that then save and see if you like the place it is on here. If you don't like where it's positioned you can move it to somewhere else. You have to go back to the design tab though to move it. I hope i helped :)