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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

so im off to portugal tomorrow xD

im very excited and lucky to be jetting off to portugal tomorrow :) we only booked it on monday! but i thought it was great not knowing where you were going, adds to the excitement !

im just packing this morning but im bound to forget something, so instead of being gutted when im out there that ive forgot something important ive checked some lists online of what to take :) and dont some people take some wierd things on holiday!

it's supposed to be our 'last summer holiday as a family' so mom and dad are hopefully going all out with the euro. although my older brother michael is away on a kind of taster week at preston uni where he is goining in september! as much as he annoys me sometimes imma miss him! will be so wierd just not having him there sat round the table having tea, giving me lifts places, getting up late spending ages in the bathroom, hogging the telly and laptop, and genrally stinking out his bedroom!

so two weeks in the summer sun, in a place called Albufeira. guarenteed every day sunshine, i wish we could say that about england!

also my dads friend who lives down the road is suspiciously going to the same place next week! they have so planned it! but never mind would be nice to see them if we do, theyre a lovely family :)

most of all im going to miss my little ruby dogg but shes staying with grandma where she will get spoilt to the bone and walked like mad. last year we came back from holiday and she had taken her to be shaved! she did look tiny again.

the thing i also hate about holidays is when you miss out on lots of things that your friends are doing at home! like my friend ashleas 16th fancy dress party :(

talking of partys ive just planned my 17th b'day party which im very excited for, i have a great idea of a fancy dress outfit too so im just counting down the days :)

anyway i'd better get back to packing!

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