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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

looking forward to college

im starting college in september, yayyy
ive bin dying to leave sencondary school but returnign there to pick up my leavers hoody made me pretty sad! although i have great memories from there and the school and people i was surrounded by have most definately made me who i am :)
ive finally come to a rough decison of what subjects to study! that will help me achive a future in fashion, art or design.
AS/A2 - 3d art and sculpture
AS/A2 - fashion and textiles
AS/A2 - economics
AS/A2 - IT/english language/media

so yess still undecided on the last choice however im swaying towards i.t as it comes into everything these days!

here are some pictures from my taster week at college :) had a great time actually and met some great people who i can't wait to be around com september...

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