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Monday, 25 April 2011

Spring/Summer Trend 2011- 60s dress / full skirt: women's trend

The 1960's dress trend, what is it really all about?
In this entry i intend to cover the '60s influences that i am a big fan of, and in particular the early '60s ladylike dressing that flowed on from the late 1950s.
...Say hello to fuller figures and longer hemlines this season as the skirt and dress silhouettes of the late '50s / early '60s swing their way back onto the scene as a 2011 fashion trend.
Full '60s dress at Louis Vuitton A/W 2010

Dress Styles
1) Full skirts:
meaning the '60s housewife look, think Betty Draper: the overflow of '50s prom style dresses into '60s day wear. Full, below-the-knee circle skirts, cinched in waists, and prim, proper styling.

•Look to Louis Vuitton and Prada who both put ladylike full skirts on their runways for the Fall 2010 season, particularly in heavier fabrics like wool blends.
•For Spring 2011 look to bright, fresh colours and pastels, and prints like florals or stripes (see Jayson Brunsdon Spring 2010 for some great examples).

2)The granny skirt
No, that wasnt one big typing error, longer, usually gathered or pleated, often with a ruffled hem, the granny skirt is as it sounds: a young take on grandma dressing. It falls rather than puffs out too much and is more understated - think sixties office girl. If I'm to stick with the Mad Men analogy, this is the style you'd more likely spot on Peggy Olsen. The key to pulling off this look today is to either make it completely effortless, or surprisingly sexy.

•Avoid looking dowdy by pairing with a fitted top; or sex it up with a sheer blouse.
•For an authentic look pair with flats or dainty kitten heels. To modernise, stick with a pair of high heels.
•Sweeten it up with a pair of little bobby socks under shoes a la Marc Jacobs (see the inspiration gallery).
Full skirt at Louis Vuitton, A/W 2010
3)The bombshell: sheath skirts and dresses
A straight cut sheath or pencil skirt is the ultimate in creating a 1960s hourglass shape - not only cinching in the waist, but clinging to the hips as well. Think Man Men bombshell Joan Holloway
•Look for skirts that are straight, high waisted, below knee with a kick pleat or slit at the back.
•You can also look for fitted sheath dresses. These are great sleeveless or with classic three-quarter sleeves.
•The peg-top skirt is another alternative - full at the waist with small darts or pleats, and tapering narrowly to the hem.

Sheath dress at L'Wren Scott, S/S 2010

Accessorising a '60s ladylike look
If you want to stick with the theme, here are a few traditional ways of accessorising a '60s look that can still work today:

•Ladylike kitten heels.
•Bold red lipstick for a bombshell look or soft pink for a vintage belle.
•Cats-eye glasses.
•'60s accessories: a wide, waist-cinching belt; a leather clutch in candy-store pastels; gloves; a classic headscarf.
•Hair worn sultry and '60s sex kitten, or swept up into a beehive.
See the inspiration gallery for more styling ideas

Modernising the '60s look
As well as the points already mentioned, there are plenty of other ways to bring the late '50s / early '60s silhouettes into the now. Here are just a few.

•Follow Dries Van Noten's lead for the ultimate in effortless modernising of the '60s full skirt. Throw over a boyfriend blazer with a turned up collar, or a souchy sporty sweat top, and slip on a pair of on-trend sunglasses.
•Try the same silhouettes but with a shorter hemline, such as above the knee or shorter.
•Add a pair of knee high socks that can just be seen below the hemline.
•Look for pieces in fabrics like leather or sheer tulle for an edgy update on the look.
•Pair a full '60s skirt or sheath skirt with a cropped top, exposing a little midriff.
•Wear with one of the more modern 2010 hair trends like a messy topknot or effortless side braid.
Modern take on the full skirt at Dries van Noten, A/W 2010

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